About Us

Located in Northern New Jersey with 32 years of remodeling and new home construction experience, Chester Bath and Repair, LLC has the ability to take your visions and make them a reality. We are residential remodeling experts focusing on attention to detail for your peace of mind. We believe in doing it right the first time and holding a high quality standard. We know that when a contractor enters a home it can be stressful, so your satisfaction remains the priority from start to finish. Now all that may seem like hipe…but the other side of the coin is, it is more profitable for us to do it right the first time.

On December 4th 2016, will mark the 32nd anniversary of contiueous business in the field of construction including an original sole proprietorship known as T Roberts, Inc. Which was innitialized by an opportunity to install windows and doors on a piecemill basis while attending college classes at Fairley Dickinson University in Madison NJ. After a very short period of time, Tom Roberts realized that the natural apptitude for contracting work estimating and fulfilling contracts could become a permanent career. Our first major contract was with Acorn Aluminum Company, Mt. Freedom, NJ which provided consitant subcontractor work that started with aluminum storm windows and storm doors and quickly blossomed into whole house window replacements, porch enclosures, aluminum and vinyl siding work, deck building etc. Early opportunities also included working on the personal home of Jackie Bollag, the daughter of Marcel Bollag the founder of Pella Windows Northeast USA. The introductions to, and the working for her family and friends, provided highend opportunities at a very early stage. I immediately began training at Pella Windows and became a Reccommended Pella Contractor (RPC) and then a Certified Pella Contractor (CPC) which required mulitple trips to Pella Iowa for factory training and thourough understanding of manufacturing techniques and design. My introduction to Jackie Bollag came through John and Katherine Veltri who I had met doing a repair project for Acorn Aluminum. I soon came to realize that John Veltri and his group of friends were major developers in the area of new homes, condominiums, and very high end make-overs. I had the opportunity through John Veltri to renovate a penthouse on Sutton Place in NYC for his best friend, Bob Giardinelli owner of Giardinelli Music the largest woodwind and percussion dealer in the world from 1950 through 1990 as well as another close friend John Bartley who owns Bartley Oil and Fuel in Brooklyn NY. For Mr. Bartley I gutted and renovated a multi-million dollar condominium in the exclusive communtiy of Shelter Bay in Riveredge NJ.

In 1988 with high caliber references and an unusually diverse background for the years of experience I was given an opportunity to apply for the Allstate Indemnity Insurance USA reccommended contractor position out of the offices in Mt. Olive NJ. It was explained to me that they were beginning a program whereas a claim would be reported and a reccommended certified contractor under perview of Allstate would within one hour contact the insured, within 24 hours visit the insure, within the next 24 hours would produce a detailed itemized pre-determined price adjustment or estimate and as soon as possible, not only settle the claim with the insured, based on that estimate which automatically becomes a legal document, and begin the work if not the moment the client is met under immergency situations, then as soon as possible based on the convienece of the client. The net result for me as a contractor was accurate estimates in a timely fashion with very fair set pricing quality work under the supervision of insurance adjusters and property managers performed on the clients schedule and not at my convienience. The experience at Allstate allowed me call on upward of 20 more major insurance carriers to either enter into their exisiting programs or as in the case of Harleysville, Liberty Mutual, Selective et al be the founding contractor of those programs. From that period, until Hurricane Katrina in 2004 I settles nearly 8000 claims and performed the construction work on more than half of them. The significance of 2004 is that the fraud in the contractor programs caused all major carriers to cancel those programs and make it a firable offense to reccommend a contractor by an outside adjuster. Regardless since 2004 I have settled and performed the work on another 200+ claims thanks to work of mouth. I have continued and will continue to use the itemize pricing to arrive at a fair assessment of every job and to provide that same degree of detail that is typically only enjoyed by an insured after a loss.
The insurance work began in 1988 had within 4 years had given me the opportunity to have a large office with a staff and a very busy construction company with anywhere between 10-20 employees and 70+ subcontractors. The effiecency and quality of work and somewhat unusual estimating practices began to provide large non-insurance related projects including significant historical sight projects. For instance, Wells’s Rug Service, built in 1742, Morristown NJ had a significant fire and during the course of construction we discovered layers of patch work and false walls revealing that there had been a car named “The Rockaway” built in the early 1900 at which we reported to the historical society and thru further research found that colonical time buggies and surries were manufactured there as early as the 1780’s. The building was rebuilt to it’s original style and structure and garnished a NJ Star Ledger Historical Preservation Award. Another such project was the Welch family home in Summit NJ built in the mid 1840’s which has also had a fire, during the course of construction we discovered a sub-basement below the main basement and upon entering found multiple tunnels used in the underground railroad leading to homes of simpathetic Northerners for escaped slaves to find refuge. We found wooden bricks lodged into the regular brick walls with names and addresses carved to provide directions and information needed move on from that location. This project was also shut down by the Historical Society for them to study and understand the specific significance of that sight. Another such project was the Cook House on Lake Hopatcong NJ which was built in 1918 by the famous Vaudville actor, Joe Cook. It was frequented by Presidents and other famous people Babe Ruth, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. The home was purchased in its dilapidated state in 1995 by Tim and Kari Ramey, now famous for Ramey Wine and Vinyards, but prior to a very signifacant family in community of Summit NJ. I had the pleasure of rebuilding and expanding the existing mansion using materials either identical to or remanufactured to match the authentic original materials. The home was promonitly displayed upon completion in a several full page spread in the Sunday NY Times and it also garnished a Historical Preservation Award. There were several including the Newfoundland NJ Train Station, Cusick Funeral Home Summerville NJ, Dr. Badeau House on Badeau Ave in Summit NJ, and many others of Historical significance.

One of our homes in Short Hills NJ

My relationship with the Ramey’s was fortudidous in that coming from Summit NJ I was immediately introduced to many prominant families between 1998 and 2008 who were leaders in the fields of Pharmacuticals and Finance. I was awarded many large projects, most $750,000 and up working for local prominant architects including Al Bol AIA, David Rosen AIA, Tim Klesse AIA, Gary Rosard AIA, Danny Dubinette AIA, and several others. In addition to these prominent projects in NJ and along with my insurance background which inabled me to take large complicated projects and put them into a comprehensive package I found myself accepting oppportunities for construction management in places such as Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Pacific Palacaides and Malibu CA. Also Palm Beach, Del Rey, Boca Raton, Jupiter, and Ft. Lauderdale FL.
IN the year 2000 the company that was once T. Roberts Contracting and then due to the influx of insurance work became as Property Damage Control Group, Inc. was now about to take a new turn due to the purchase of a boutique tile store know as World Tile Imports in East Hanover NJ. For legal reasons, the name of the store was changed to World Tile Imports of NJ, Inc. and began a new division in my professional carreer. Two major changes occured over a very short period of time, including the 600 SQ Foot original store was expanded to 2800 Sq Ft showroom and the name on the marque was changed to World Design Center because the additional space afforded the luxury of showing much more than tile including plumbing fixtures (Kohler, Grohe, Toto etc), cabinetry (Plain and Fancy, Weber, Forever Mark), lighting fixtures (Kichler, Murray Fiess, Hunter Douglas), fan systems (Fan-tec, Panasonic, Broan/Nutone) windows (Pella, Marvin, Anderson and Royal), applicances (Wolfe, Sub Zero, GE, Bosch, Viking) and fabrication for counter tops. The enlarged store enabled the provision of all materials and labor for any complete renovation or new home project. The buying power enabled the construction company to purchase materials at a deeper discount and pass the majority of the discount on to the consumer. The store only needed to provide income required for rent and utilities. And the construction company remained as my primary source of income.